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Luxury Car Wheel


London Auto Services has been working on classic/antique cars since the late ’70’s – everything from Alfa to Zagato. In the past four decades we’ve accumulated parts in the process of restoring vintage cars, building track cars, and general maintenance as well. Some of these parts are no longer available (NLA) on the market, and many are still new in their original boxes (NIB) or packaging. London will make these parts available as they come along here. Please check back soon.

Our store contains a selection of products we think are unique enough to display. However, we’re generally able to obtain most parts for your restoration/maintenance, so if a part isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us with an inquiry. More parts will be added in the future.

How To Order

Parts will be listed with Photos, Descriptions, and a Price. Please call the shop to discuss availability, fitment, and shipping. We do not currently take orders online, but welcome calls to the shop to arrange for payment and to answer any questions.

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